June 23rd, 2008

best friends (thanks erindubitably!)

Manning est un metalleux!

Let us say that you are a fan of LiveJournal's own international bon vivant, manningkrull. For who among us is not? Then you need to pick up the latest (July '08) issue, available on newsstands everywhere, of Metal Edge magazine.

Why? Well, partly because it's a fine magazine, and it gives me freelance employment. But in this case, it's because I wrote an article about the metal scene in Paris, France, and if you read it (starting on page 72), you will see Manning Leonard Krull, immortalized on glossy paper, thumbing through LPs at Monster Melodies on the Rue Dechargeurs.

Transcontinental playboy Manning Krull, everybody!

Monday Death Poll

I was pretty bummed out this morning at the news of George Carlin's death, so I'm dealing with my grief the way I usually do: by forcing you, the reader, to quantify the unquantifiable. Today begins a "First Half of 2008 Celebrity Death Deathmatch", where you are compelled to subject to internet pedantry which famous person's demise in the first six months of this year affected you the most! By whatever criteria you think is best, pick one in each showdown, and tomorrow we'll move on to the next round of SUMMER GRIEF-FEST!

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