November 20th, 2008

on a steel horse I ride

Tasteful San Antonio: The Fashioning

Spotted for the first time since I moved down here: Ugg boots.

This allows me to make an official estimate: fashion-wise, San Antonio is approximately 7 years behind New York and Los Angeles, and 6.5 years behind Chicago. This means that in terms of trends, it is also approximately 3 years ahead of Poland.

Also, I have to drive 90 miles to see Synechdoche, New York. That shit ain’t right.
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Do you like me? I know you do. Don't even front.

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Do you like the idea of spending several minutes of your day listening to my unpleasant voice reading a piece from The City Desk, concerning a typewriter repair service's mysterious commercial persistence, on a radio show about urban planning? Of course you do.

Get to it.