June 18th, 2009

you can trust my sexy tattoo

The power of naming

I have always been terrible at naming things. Even when I have good ideas, which still happens once every blue moon or so, I can never come up with a decent name for them. Conversely, when I do name something, it often gets abandoned or remains uncompleted, which is why, of the five big projects I'm working on right now, only two have names. With the other three, I don't wanna risk it.

Here are some things I named but they never happened:

- "The Journal of Kryptonian Cultural Studies", sketch comedy group
- "Satan Death Fuck Penis Pierce", my illegitimate son
- "The Deconstructionist", my gimmick/name if I had become a professional wrestler
- "Modern Advertising", my latest band that did not actually come together
- "DragonKnow Comics", a comics company I was going to start
- "Hipsville", an abandoned novel, later an abandoned comic strip
- "Underthing's", the bar I was going to run

Yes, I know these are all terrible names. That's the point. This is also the point: what can I name/ruin for YOU?