March 9th, 2010

i'm driving!

The Great American Fatten-Up

Hey, folks:

As you may or may not know, I (and everyone else I work with) am getting shitcanned from my job on April 23rd. I’m planning to freelance full-time for at least a while before getting another full-time gig — and if you have any freelance writing, editing, or proofing leads, please send ‘em my way — but I’m also planning, starting in May, a long cross-country road trip.

Why? Because I love to drive, and I may not ever have this chance again. Where? Roughly, my itinerary is:

San Antonio -> Phoenix -> L.A. -> Vegas -> San Francisco -> Portland -> Seattle -> Vancouver -> Regina -> Winnipeg -> Thunder Bay -> Twin Cities -> Madison -> Chicago -> Syracuse -> Boston -> NYC -> Philadelphia -> DC -> Chapel Hill -> Miami -> Birmingham -> NOLA -> Dallas -> San Antonio.

I’ll be working (freelancing) the whole time, but I’ll also be checking out the housing market (with this job gone, I have no compelling reason to stay in SATX), the job market (particularly in book publishing/educational publishing, so again, if you know anything, give a holla), and the cultural scene (for my own edification). If you feel like saying hey to me when I’m in your area, just drop a line.

But where I need your help RIGHT NOW is: I’m going to blog this road trip, because that is what people do when they are nerds, is they blog things. And I need a good name for this road trip blog, because I am stinkeroo at naming things. Just ask my son, Satan Death Fuck Penis.

So: your suggestions in comments! Winner gets a free meal when I slither through your town.