May 7th, 2010

i feel mysterious today

My Hotel Enigma

Okay, I have a serious question. Sort of.

Every time I stay in a hotel or motel -- I mean, like, every time -- right before I go to bed, I get stricken with what feels like the middle stages of a serious case of the flu: my stomach goes all fluttery, and I invariably get the chills and have to pull all the covers up around myself even if it's a hundred degrees outside. I get cold sweats, and I generally feel like hell until I fall asleep.

The thing is, this never happens at home, or when I'm staying at a friend's house. It ONLY happens in hotel rooms, but it's been happening for years. What the fuck, I ask you, my LJ pals, is going on here?

Poll #1561579 What the fuck

Why do I have this unusual reaction in hotel rooms?

Hotel rooms run the A/C full blast 24-7, and you are just reacting to the fact that they are kept very cold
You are having an allergic reaction to some common element hotel rooms, like plastic bin liners or carpet cleaner or semen
The only time you stay in hotels is on trips where you eat a bunch of garbage and get stoned and your body just shuts down at the end of the day
You have Legionnaire's Disease
You just happen to develop a low-grade fever any time you stay at a hotel
You have a mysterious ailment that will allow you to sue the hospitality industry for millions
There is a perfectly normal explanation that I will post in Comments