May 22nd, 2010

i'm driving!

Road Rage

Well, thanks to the insufferable bureaucracy at the Texas Workforce Commission, it looks like I will be forced to return home to San Antonio only halfway through my road trip in order to complete some completely arbitrary task that not only isn't necessary, but could just as easily be done over the phone if they had their shit together. (I should have seen this coming when I found out that you can have your unemployment benefits sent to direct deposit, but only if you have a certain Social Security number, which I don't have, and which seems to be an utterly meaningless distinction.) I have to head back there as quickly as possible so I can go in for an in-person meeting with one of their people, which is required by an arbitrarily enforced rule so pointless that they might has well have pulled it out of a hat.

This not only sucks because I'm going to miss seeing a lot of people, including ONCE AGAIN not getting to go to New York, a city I am clearly destined to never visit, but also because I have to rearrange an actual job interview, which I will now probably have to get to via plane. I told this to the guy at the TWC, and he responded with the telephonic equivalent of a shrug.

I'm trying to maintain an even-headed demeanor about this. I got to take half my trip, I got to go to two job interviews, I have another job interview back in SATX, I got to see some incredible stuff, and I got to visit half the people I wanted to see. But this still really, really fucking sucks, especially because it doesn't have to happen for any reason other than some bureaucrat is choosing to be a hardcase. I considered making a return to the trip once I get this bullshit taken care of, but that would put me far enough into the calender (and into my pocket) that it might not be worth it, not to mention the fact that I'll have to completely rearrange my freelancing schedule.