June 20th, 2010

i own you peasants

New Jersey Pick 'Em

Sometimes, this thing between liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican, left and right, it's not so easy to figure out.

Other times, it's pretty easy.

16,000 millionaires have to get by on only $900,000 a year for one year, or 600,000 elderly and disabled people on fixed incomes might lose their homes.

The rich get slightly less rich and the poor get aided immeasurably; or a couple in their seventies making $40,000 a year has to pay over a thousand dollars more in taxes while a family making over a million dollars a year gets almost twelve thousand dollars back.

People at the height of their earning power are asked to make a minuscule sacrifice, or -- on the highly nebulous theory that they will "invest" in the state and "create jobs" -- they get to pay even less taxes, while people who have already spent their whole lives working and putting money back into the system are told to go get fucked.

And, of course, blah blah socialism blah blah responsibility blah blah wealth confiscation.

Sometimes it's a pretty easy choice. Which one do you choose?