June 30th, 2010

post-structuralist fu

Beating a dead camel

Today, over at the A.V. Club, there was an interview with Aasif Mandvi, an actor of whom I'm very fond. And at some point, it was mentioned that Mandvi is from a Muslim family, which, inevitably, attracted some goons in the comments section doing the usual bafflegab about how Muslims are evil woman-oppressing gay-murdering cartoonist-threatening jerks.

Now, while I've got a rep over there as the dipshit who actually goes in and mixes it up with the commenters, I know better than to get involved in that shit -- at least on that turf. But one commenter said something that I wanted to address, and I might as well do it here, where no one's really paying attention.

But why? It's a topic I've talked about here before, and I'm sure I'm mostly preaching to the choir. I'm not likely to change anyone's mind, and I'm probably just engaging in a fairly self-indulgent form of 'someone is wrong on the internet'. I don't really know what to tell you, other than that this is personal to me, and the frequency with which it is expressed gets me down. I hear it all too frequently from people who should know better, often under the cloak of atheistic 'indifference', which I'll discuss later.

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