November 2nd, 2010

no you dih unt

Oh the fun we have

I know you’ve all been waiting for high-larious chat transcripts about increasingly, and gratifyingly, obscure comic artists from Calamity Jon and myself.  Well, wait nae langer.

Jon: It’s not that Rob Liefeld is drawing a story about Zombies fighting Jesus which I found surprising.  Because, come on, the intellectual dearth that is Rob Liefeld.

Leonard: It’s almost predictable.
Jon: But…that he still does the sleazy Joel Silver movie pitch method of describing his stories…”It’s like 300 meets The Walking Dead with the clock from 24 running.”  He was doing that fifteen years ago.
Leonard:  Well, to be fair, 15 years ago was the last time anyone took him seriously.  It’s understandable he would want to cling to that time.
Jon: How to describe Rob Liefeld’s career?  It’s like Glengarry Glen Ross meets The Truman Show with the soundtrack to Benny Hill playing.
Leonard: It’s like The Elephant Man minus dignity meets Jackass plus pouches.

Jon: It’s like Caligula meets  South Park as directed by Harmony Korine in your mouth.

Leonard: It’s like a Chick tract on steroids fighting a Fletcher Hanks comic that’s drunk on Keystone Light inside a fireworks factory owned by Larry Lieber.

Jon: Okay [cracks knuckles].  All righty. It’s like Eraserhead reshot on the set of Happy Days with the Henry Winkler role played by Corky from Life Goes On combined with Clerks as performed by that Taiwanese news channel that does everything in poser CGI under a soundtrack of Slipknot played through a Teddy Ruxpin in a PT Cruiser that the owner thinks is cool and bought because “I’m not a minivan kind of guy”.

Leonard: If you don’t post this, I will.