December 5th, 2010

stick it in your ear

PetardCast, Episode #8

There is a new episode of the PetardCast.  I am joined by the sublime Mr. Tony Zaret, who defends Japanese wartime atrocities, discusses the hard-working homeless of New York, and pretends to be the personification of human mortality.  There is also Celebrities Are Our Betters, all-purpose denials, and me doing a horrible Russian accent.  Most importantly, there is no freestyle rapping.  I know last week was so bad that it shut down the entire site for a week and traumatized you all into laughter comas, but come on, I even did sound effects for this one, folks.  Possibly the finest PetardCast ever to bear that name, so give it a whirl, cats and kittens.

Listen to this week’s PetardCast!