February 13th, 2011

stick it in your ear

PetardCast, Episode #11

Oh, boy, folks, are you in for it now.  The PetardCast is back, on its new biweekly schedule, but what we lose in timeliness we make up for in sheer audacious holy-shittitude.  This time, the mighty William Ham stops by to engage in some chit-chat, we play up the bright side of sexual slavery, I once again indulge in my inexplicable attraction to crappy Russian accents, and — you will, I guaranteed, plotz your schmuck out of your chazzer or something — we get a special phone call from rock ‘n’ roll icon Lou Reed.  All that plus Received Ideas for a New Millennium, Hayden Child’s PetardCast theme song, and some beeping.  Crank up your speakers (the sound levels are still funky) and mainline some drain cleaner, gang, this one is a collector’s edition for sure.

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