Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Speaking of lite content

I have heard it said, and believed it, that there is nothing more boring than hearing someone else describe their dreams. So, I will now describe last night's sojourn in Dreamland, and leave it to you to judge whether or not this is the most boring entry of all time.

Note: identities of primary characters in these dreams have been concealed in case they read this journal.

DREAM #1: I dreamed that I went to visit a woman of my acquaintance, and she made a rather flagrant pass at me. Things happened, blah blah blah, and the next thing you know we were going at it like two people would go at it in the dreams of a fat loser with no girlfriend. She was very accomodating and open sexually -- downright fiery, in fact, but she would NOT SHUT UP. She talked non-stop, often about inconsequential things, and at one point took a phone call. From a telemarketer.

POSSIBLE INTERPRETATION OF DREAM #1: I desperately need to get laid.

DREAM #2: Massive layoffs at my place of employment took place in a single day. A prominent employee was handed his walking papers in the office right across from mine. Upon hearing the news, he bravely said a fond farewell to all of us, and shook my hand warmly. Then he came back and started shooting people.

POSSIBLE INTERPRETATIONS OF DREAM #2: Sublimated fears of Iraq war, terrorism, Korean nuclear horror; possible fear that this individual actually might shoot up the place someday.

DREAM #3: A male friend of mine and I became lost in the desert and wandered around for days, being spied upon by hostile Indians. We were totally unable to find our way, or even to locate signs of civilization that might lead to our rescue. The entire time, we carried on irritating, faux-hip sitcom-level banter with one another. Eventually we just shut up and quietly loathed each other. There probably would have been a fistfight if the dream had gone on longer.

POSSIBLE INTERPRETATION OF DREAM #3: My subconscious mind has been inexplicably influenced by a recent viewing of the trailer for the upcoming Gus van Sant movie "Gerry", in which two morons with the same name get lost in the desert and trade quips.
Tags: diary, junk, lay-teez

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