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Vaudeville villain

Last night, we (we being thaitea, rum_holiday, and her husband Doug) went to Vaudeville Underground, a variety show put on in this cool old converted church hall in Logan Square. It's done as kind of a community outreach thing, showcasing talented people who live in the area, which I perhaps lamely think is a really awesome thing to do and the sort of endeavor that makes for very vital and active neighborhoods of the sort that make a city worth living in. Dangling participle.

Anyway, we found out about it because my pal Lara (accompanied by theletterr)was performing; she sang three opera arias (one in German, one in Italian and one in French) as her act, and she was in tremendous voice and sounding excellent. It was really cool to see her perform in a public setting with a crowd like that, and I have a huge amount of respect for the desire to remove opera from its position as an elitist, inaccessible thing and return it to its status as a popular entertainment. So, as always, I was not disappointed by Lara's singing.

But the rest of the evening was actually a real blast! You never get a guarantee of quality at these sorts of things, but following my pleasant surprise at the high value of the other readers at the SPEC independent writer's show I did last month, I got another one when most of the acts at Vaudeville Underground turned out to be really entertaining. There was a musical comedy group that was proficient and kinda charming if not the funniest thing in the world, a really enthralling Argentine tango duet, a clown who was alternately funny and kinda creepy, a guy I can only describe as the Barry White of stage magicians, a couple of dance/movement pieces (one of which I'd seen before and enjoyed), and some acrobats who used "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz as their musical accompaniment. There was nothing that's going to be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, but there were a ton of enjoyable, solid performances, and a real spirit of community-building and a very admirable focus on the fact that there are talented people all around you if you bother to look for them.
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