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Okay, I'm gonna write about this on the Ludic Log tonight, but briefly, Hella last night was fucking amazing. I expected no less, of course, and I was not a bit disappointed. They're not only two of the most flat-out incredible virtuosic musicians I've ever seen, but their live dynamic is absolutely stunning. Anyone who missed this show, man, I dunno what to say to you, because -- well, shit, I'm an old man with creaky knees who finds it difficult to stay up past 10PM on a school night for any reason whatsoever, but I'd cross a picket line staffed with Nazis who were on fire to go see Hella.

Special Konzert-bonus: attention all residents of Phila! If any of you ever go to see a local band called Need New Body (an eight-piece featuring two keyboards, three drummers, bass, saxophone, and electric banjo), you won't necessarily be disappointed; although they're boring when they indulge in the poor-hipster's-Grateful-Dead schtick of chord-vamping and jam-banding, they're downright riveting when they let loose in a full Boredomsy bleat. However, just to be on the safe side, be very, very high when you go see them. I have a feeling they are a band that improves enormously after a buttload of bong hits.

Double chocolate Konzert-bonus: if you're a fan of local Chicago outfit Make Believe, don't figure on seeing them again anytime soon. I know nothing about them, given that I only heard one of their songs and didn't really like it -- but they didn't have a chance to grow on me, because the spastic low-rent-Iggy antics of the lead singer caused an honest-to-God Frederic Wertham injury-to-the-eye panel! Yes, about halfway through their very first number, the singer was frantically swinging around his mic stand (and it wasn't one of the light tripod-mounted ones, but the kind with the big heavy metal disc-shaped base that weighs about 40 pounds) and CLOCKED THE BASS PLAYER RIGHT IN THE EYE WITH IT. The poor bassman went down like a sack of rice and lay motionless on the stage for like half an hour. (The singer promptly vanished.) I'm not sure if paramedics were called or anything, but he wasn't moving for the longest time, and when he finally got up, he swayed around like he'd been concussed by a falling girder or something. Need New Body came out with the towel that had been put on his face to stop the bleeding, and it had a lot of blood on it. A LOT. A lot of big, eyeball-shaped bloodstains. That's the sort of thing that can really put a strain on band cameraderie.
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