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I just had a HUGE AND INSIGHTFUL POST about the Bush Administration keeping the legacy of Reagan alive by blaming all their misdeeds on the press for reporting those misdeeds, and it was going to make up for my near-total lack of posting this week, and then it vanished because I am stupid. Ah well. The world will be denied my world-shaking crankiness one more day at least.

Meanwhile, do you like how Rumsfeld is assuring America that the 'ghost detainee' was "treated humanely" and that "there was no abuse" of him by American forces? Nothing like refuting a series of unmade charges to get people's attention off the actual subject at hand. Because, of course, no one is saying that he wasn't treated humanely or that he was abused; the problem is that he was held incommunicado and his identity was deliberately withheld from the Red Cross, both of which are violations of the Geneva Convention. This is like finding a guy with a blood knife, standing over a freshly murdered corpse, and he says "I did not rape this corpse". That's great, but the problem is that you killed him.

This ranks right up there with Dick Cheney's I-never-took-a-freshman-philosophy-course claim that since the 9/11 commission can't prove that there was never a link between Saddam Hussein and al-Q'aeda, that means there was a link between Saddam Hussein and al-Q'aeda:

Rumsfeld said he thought international law provided some wiggle room. "I think it's broadly understood that people don't have to be registered in the first 15 minutes,'' he said. "What the appropriate time is, I don't know. It may be a lot less than seven months.''

So, you have to admit, the guy is giving up that he's a LITTLE bit responsible, maybe, right? I mean, he's saying "Look, okay, maybe we didn't report him right away. So sue us, we didn't report him half an hour after we captured him. Of course, MAYBE seven fucking months is a little excessive. But get off our back already! We don't know! What are we, international law experts or something? We don't have time to know what is and isn't against the Geneva Conventions! We're trying to run a war here!" Donald Rumsfeld: class act all the way.
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