Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Hey nonny nonny, hey nine ninety niney

Have you ever talked yourself out of a shitty mood? I do this all the time (most recently this morning on the way to work). I'm not sure if it's my easy self-deprecation, my reluctance to be a whiny bore, my dull-as-dishsoap middle-of-the-road lifestyle tendencies, my unwavering ability to swallow each and every emotion I experience and fuse them into a tiny, ultra-dense ball of bitterness and hate, my ability to recognize that I don't have any real problems, my tendency to pick things apart intellectually until they are mere abstractions, my flyweight attention span, or my unshakeable belief that people who have a problem with me can fuck off and go to hell, but whatever it is, it's seen me through a whole gravel truck load of what would otherwise have become weeks-long fits of depression. So allow me to unequivocally recommend this approach, whatever the fuck it is.

Say, did you know that this month, lucky midwesterners can see the Great Circus Parade in Baraboo? Or National Fishing Lure Collectors Club Convention in Peoria? Or A Tribute To Miss Peggy Lee at Ravinia? Or Salmon-O-Rama in Racine? Or the 52nd Annual EAA AirVenture over Oshkosh? Also, in events-I-might-actually-consider-attending news, there's Venetian Night here in Chic, and the GermanFest, Bastille Days and Festa Italiana up in Milwaukee.

AND NOW A CRAPPY MEME. Did you know that Misty, my beloved iPod, is psychic? It's true! Tell me a mood, sensation, state of mind, condition or attitude that you have experienced, and Misty will instantly produce an obscure, unpopular song from her 15,000-song playlist that perfectly matches that mood, sensation, state of mind, condition, or attitude. IT'S COMUPETER MAGICK!!!!!11!
Tags: diary, junk, memes, music

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