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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Today's music quiz

As we all know, Billy Joel is the worst performer in the history of pop music. No one has sucked so bad for so long. (NOTE: I will brook no dissent with this opinion. Partisans of Rod Stewart, Elton John, and Phil Collins have legitimate arguments, but those arguments are not welcome here. In my domain, Billy Joel is indisputably the King of Musical Hell.)

However, the question remains unsettled: who is the worst BAND in the history of pop music? What group has had the most and the suckiest songs for the longest time? The answer is harder than you might think. The Rolling Stones, who have at least partically sucked for 29 years and have completely sucked for 22 years, get a pass because they were really good at one point. Ditto the Beach Boys. Toto cannot win because they don't have enough shitty songs; 311 cannot win because they haven't been around long enough. Other bands tend to be boring and ineffectual rather than awful.

So, what's your choice for the worst, longest-lasting, most all-around horrible band in pop music history? Who is the Billy Joel of rock bands? Voice your choice.

(a) Journey.
(b) Genesis.
(c) Styx.
(d) Rush.
(e) Van Halen.
(f) Kansas.
(g) The Carpenters.
(h) Deep Purple.
(i) some other band of your choosing, preferably a very obvious choice I have somehow neglected.
(j) it doesn't matter, they can't be worse than Billy fucking Joel.

The judging criteria should be: Were they around for a very long time? Did they suck? Did they, despite sucking, have a lot of big hits? Did they keep cranking out sucky hits even when they were well past their prime? And unlike, say, the Stones or Fleetwood Mac, did they always suck, never having had a single good album to their credit?

Let the slaughter begin.
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