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Last post about Wizard Fucking World, I swear, but on Sunday everyone is anxious to dump their inventory so they have less crap to haul back with them, and you can pick up some deals. So here's what I got.

- more goddamn HeroClix. God, I'm lame.

- Paul Chadwick's The Complete Concrete.

- The Superman in the Fifties, Superman in the Sixties and Superman in the Seventies TPBs.

- The Mister Miracle TPB, with an intro by David "You Know What Would Be a Miracle? If Claudia Schiffer Had Actually Married Me" Copperfield!

- The DC Archive edition of LSH, Vol. 1. Man, these stories were not good. It's a sad state of affairs when a teenage Jim Shooter can actually IMPROVE a book.

- Almost the whole run of Doug Moench/Gene Day Master of Kung Fu.

- Some pretty cheap old stuff, including Not Brand Ecch#6, where Stan Lee tries out his Catskills resort comedy routines; a decent Blackhawk from the '60s with a great Pat Boyette cover done in a Will Eisner style; the first Chaykin-cover Blackhawk; Fantastic Four #200; issue #s 2 and 3 of Metamorpho, from the early '60s when DC was desperately trying to ape Marvel's 'appeal to the young people' style and failing miserably, as evidenced by issue #3 where Metamorpho is being attacked by what appears to be a robotic totem pole and is saying "Like I'm all in pieces -- and here comes Laughing Boy!"; and yet another Blackhawk where Bart, Olaf and the gang massacre a bunch of Arabs. This is from (I think) 1954 and is the oldest comic I own.

Also, thanks so much to never_fear who invited me over last night for dinner, drinks and discussion, and gave me swell late birthday presents of a tiki bar kit, bar sign, and clock! Keen.
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