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- Only one deadline left for September! Only one! Glorious fucking ONE! And it's for an article that will neccesitate my getting really gopped up, so I'm not sweating it too much. Of course, I'll finish just in time for a whole new set of deadlines to hunch on my shoulders, but my guess is that it won't be the hellride that August/September has been.

- Having a relatively slim amount of work to do actually gave me time to work on my crappy novel this weekend, and I think some halfway-decent stuff got written, but I also realized that not only had I forgotten the name of one of my characters, which just cannot be a good sign, but also, I am positive that I left a plot thread hanging off, and yanking at it will require me to go back and waste a bunch of time reading the stupid thing. Stupid book! Why can't you write yourself, like Tom Clancy's do?

- Of course, I can't do any work on the crappy novel without tinkering around in the Dargerverse, and one thing I've been rueing lately is the lack of old-school goofy/crazy characters it has. I'm sadly deficient when it comes to thinking up ridiculous stuff like the Green Team and Angel and the Ape and Brother Power, the Geek to flesh out the Dargerverse's history. So I did a little blue-skying, and came up with some inane concepts like Big Bertha, Queen of Cannons; McDrill, the politician/cat-burglar; Tiki Tom, tropical sidekick; Detrick the Devilkin, a disturbing Kirby-type 'scary kid' template; and Perpe-traitor, who doesn't have a character concept yet, but I can't resist that asinine name. Also, I finally got around to doing a telepathic ape (and doesn't it say pretty much all you need to know about me that one of my lifelong ambitions has been to create a telepathic ape character?). His name is Jocko, and he wears a porkpie hat. (Peripherally, I was thinking that "Stuck Rubber Baby" would make a pretty good superhero name if Howard Cruse hadn't already taken it in a different direction...)

- Saturday night was Settlers of Catan with myself, Doug and rum_holiday. The latter broke out of her mini-slump by winning both games; I was pretty competitive all through the first one and even thought I was going to win it, but I couldn't pull the trigger. She played her usual polished game and took the whole thing. The second game I got absolutely hamstrung and was pretty much out of it the entire time, leaving Doug and Andrea to fight it out, but she was pretty much in control the whole time. Rumor has it that they'll be getting the Sailor expansion, or whatever it's called that gives you the ability to build ships, pretty soon, and I'm embarrassed at how excited I am about that. The downside -- well, other than having gotten my ass kicked -- is that my car got ticketed outside their apartment for not having a neighborhood parking permit! OMG NO WAY YOU SUCK THIS IS TOTAL MONKEY NUTS! So, just as I pay a $20 admission fee to go to their place and play poker, it's now cost me fifty bones to get myself whipped like Mandingo at Settlers. The amazing thing is, the cop who wrote me up didn't give me additional citations for having an expired, out-of-state plate, no city sticker, or any one of my other myriad violations of car-law, so I guess you could say I got off lucky. Booooo, ticket!

- Otherwise, the weekend was very, very good, although I didn't actually go anywhere other than to the O'K Corral. And Wednesday should be fun -- heaven's own compere, Claire Zulkey, is hosting a night of comedic performance and readings at The Hideout, featuring John Green, Kevin Guilfoile, Steve Delahoyde, Nathan Rabin from Onion, and Amy Krouse Rosenthal. At one of my favorite bars, a mere five bucks too. Be there at eight, Chicago heads! Come on, you got nothin' better to do.
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