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And now, to close out this ridiculously huge amount of daily posting, a poll

Okay, it's a total fucking pain in the ass when you have a bag of chips, okay, and you get to the bottom and there's like three ounces of chips left but they're all totally crumbled and smashed into small pieces, so you can't dip them into the salsa or dip or whatever you're putting on them.

Poll #354624 Goodbye, Mr. Chips

What do you do to combine dip/salsa with the last few pulverized chip segments at the bottom of the bag?

I stir the chips into the dip and eat them with a spoon even though this makes the chips all soggy and gross
I attempt to dip the chip fragments into the salsa even though they're crushed and tiny and I get salsa all over my fingers
I pour the chips into my mouth and chase them with dip like I'm some kind of dumb animal or something
I just eat the chips without the dip because there is no sensible way to combine them (frustrating as it is to admit this)
I throw out the last few ounces of pulverized chips because I would rather waste food than sacrifice a shred of my precious dignity
I have another and more innovative method of combining the two which I will explain in comments and it will totally blow you away and change the way you think about chips and dip
I don't do any of these things because I am not a disgusting repulsive fat human cockroach like you are
I don't eat chips and dip because I value my beautiful body and treat it with respect and not like a sewage treatment facility
This never happens to me because since God loves me he makes sure every bag of chips I buy contains nothing but complete, intact chips
William Shatner
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