Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

From 215 to 312 (or 773, thanks a lot, phone company assholes)

Hello, babies!

I'm freshly back from Philadelphia, where I was both a participant in and a spectator at the 215 Festival. I had a very lovely time and enjoyed Phila a lot; I'll write more about this later, and post a recap and pictures on the Ludic Log when I'm a bit more rested, but a few notes for now:

- manningkrull is the swellest host a feller could have. He was kind enough to put me up at his swingin' bachelor pad, protect me from the evil machinations of the witches who live next door to him, let me tag along with him and his very happening gal tamisevens when they could have been making the sex, buy me dinner at a restaurant where the waitress was possessed by the devil, introduce me to his smartypants roommate schtune, show me lots of historical Philadelphia, hang out with me at a bunch of dopey literary events, allow me to use his computer to write mash notes to my girlfriend, expose me to the sordid mysteries of the artistic process, and give me only a light beating for the many times I shit in his bed. He's quite a young gentleman, is Mr. Krull. Lest this shout-out become too sappy, let me also mention that Manning is a big homo who likes to kiss dirty boys he picks up from drug gangs.

- Crazy thanks to all who were kind enough to come watch me read at the 215's Small Press Showcase, including Manning and Tami, quba, lucifrix, and the lovely and talented tawdryjones, who was a super trouper enough to stick it out through the whole show despite the fact that she's busier than hell bent over a radiator. Y'all's support meant a great lot to me; otherwise I'da been all alone in a big city and I was already nervous, as my consumption of about seventeen Bombay Sapphires probably indicated. I surely appreciate you showing up. Also thanks to rjwhite for hanging out on Saturday, and for all those who I couldn't spend more time with I apologize and to all those who I spent too much time with I equally apologize. I hope I'll get the chance to see you again, and you're always welcome to come to Chicago, where I will ply you with drugs and my patented One-Free-Murder self-help program.

- Among many, many delightful people I met either for the first time or for the first time in too long (and I know I'll forget a shitload of people here, so I beg your kind indulgence) were Dan Kennedy (one of the funniest writers I know), John Hodgman (one of the funniest anythings I know), Whitney Pastorek (the hardest-working woman in show business), Jennifer Amey (Canada's finest export since Crown Royal), Neal Pollack (America's greatest living writer), Michelle Orange (the writer so nice, they named a fruit AND a color after her), Dennis DiClaudio (who went to school with Manning, so he's gotta be okay), Kristin McGonigle and Alison Weaver (who, along with Whitney and my ridiculously awesome girlfriend Shauna McKenna, are the editorial bigshots at Pindeldyboz, by whose good graces I appeared at the 215 Festival), Pia Z. Ehrhardt, Susan Henderson, and many, many others. You were all swell and I can almost completely guarantee that I will never brutally torture and murder any of you.

More later.
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