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How Hiatus?

Sorry about the continuing slackery on posting the 215 recap, photoblog and other new material at the Ludic Log. I was exhausted from the trip yesterday, and just had to get some sleep, especially since I got some majorly stress-inducing news mere hours after my plane from Phila landed.

Our landlady called to say that she's gotten a serious offer on our building and that she's going to make a decision in the next ten days. Of course -- of course -- the new owners want to turn it into a condo. Which means that when our lease is up, next July, we're out on our ass.

But, she said, we've lived here for a long time, and we've been good tenants who she'd like to keep around, so she told us that there's another building she owns with an open apartment, and if we take a look at it and decide we want it, she'll hold it for us and we can move in. It's in Hollywood Park, which is quite a bit north of where we're living now, although not so much that it's not close to the Brown Line, Andersonville, Rogers Park, and some other cool neighborhoods. It's also really close to the Indian/Pakistani corridor of Devon Avenue, which is very cool. And from what I understand of it, it's a really quiet, nice, residential area, so I'm not too worried about it being slummy. My feeling is, if the apartment is nice, we're going to take it; it's probably a decent building, it'll save us the hassle of finding a new place (it's pretty unlikely we'd be lucky enough to find a place this big and in a decent neighborhood for the money we pay -- we're very fortunate in that regard -- and equally iffy that we'd end up with a landlord as good as our current one) that might be markedly inferior to or vastly more expensive than where we are now.

This is not to say that there's not a downside. Even if we really like the new apartment (which there's no guarantee we will; we go to see it on Wednesday), we'll be in a new, unfamiliar neighborhood and will have to get used to new places to go, to shop, and so on; will have a slightly longer commute, and I won't be able to walk to work anymore (which really sucks); we might not have a garage, and I'll have to get used to street parking again; we'll have to transfer all our utilities, move our cats, and find new vets, groceries, restaurants, and so on; we'll be closer to some of our friends, but farther away from others; and worst of all, we have to move in on November 1st -- so we'd have three weeks to pack and move everything we've got. Bleah.

I'm not too down. It could work out fine; we might really like the Hollywood Park apartment, and if so, things will calm down after the move. But it's a major stress to come home to. Combined with stuff in my personal life, exhaustion from the 215 Festival, a handful of freelance gigs I need to finish off, and random other stresses in my life, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Sorry about the delay, and look for updates to the Ludic Log possibly tonight or tomorrow and certainly by the weekend.
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