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Geek alert!

Our Settlers of Catan game board arrived yesternight. It's actually pretty damn cool; the pieces fit in perfectly on a light, thin, portable board, and the way it's laid out, there's no need for the edge pieces, which I've always found awkward. It's built for Settlers instead of Cities & Knights, so there's no slots for a few of the cards, and the pirate hex dangles over the handle somewhat, but otherwise I'm very pleased with it. Now we just need to take it for a spin...any takers? This means you, rum_holiday. Keep in mind that when I opened up the package it came it, I cut the living fuck out of my finger on one of the rough plywood edges, so it's already been consecrated in my blood, which I believe ensures that I will never be defeated using this board.

So, who else finds it deeply disturbing that a senator has evacuated his Capitol Hill office and the Justice Department had a very high-level, hush-hush conference with all its law enforcement branch directors recently, all right before the election? NOT ME HA HA I TOTALLY TRUST THE GOVERNMENT AND THINK OCTOBER SURPRISES ARE FOR CRAZY NUT CONSPIRACY THEORISTS.

Anyway. Tonight we go look at the apartment in Hollywood Park. thaitea and I are both inclined to take it if it turns out to be a good apartment in a decent neighborhood rather than dick around until July and roll the dice on lucking into a situation as good as we have now. Wish us luck, comrades: by this time tomorrow, we could already be packing...
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