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So we went to look at the (possible) new place last night, and I was very pleasantly surprised. It's a bit smaller (though not by much), and I'll lose my garage space (for the time being), but the rent is only a tiny bit higher (and, technically, we'll be paying less, since we won't have the garage) for a place that I think is a marked improvement.

It's got hardwood floors rather than the shabby office carpet we have here. It's got a MUCH nicer kitchen -- a newish stove and two ovens, as well as what appears to be plentiful counter space. The bathroom is a lot more spacious than the closet we have now. There appears to be a lot more natural light in the kitchen and dining room. There's no back patio, which I'm really going to miss, but there is a small back yard, so we'd still be able to have parties, and possibly a small garden. It's a two-flat, so we only have one neighbor, and it's a single woman, which is huge -- it'll be much quieter and less chaotic in a two-flat than a six-flat, and we'll have a ton of storage space in the basement. And, coolest of all, there's an OFFICE! In what will turn out to be my bedroom if we take the apartment, there's a little attached room that the landlord says is technically a guest room/third bedroom (in fact, that's what the current tenants are using it for; there's a good-sized bed in there, even though I think both rooms are slightly smaller than my current bedroom), but I intend to use it as an attached office. It's heated just like the bedrooms and has plenty of natural light, and it'd be nice to have a separate space to work instead of having to cram all my computer stuff and files into the bedroom.

As far as the neighborhood goes, it's still pretty far north, and walking to work is over for me if we get it, but it's actually quite cool. It's mostly the bedroom community/residential neighborhood we'd been led to expect, but with a lot more necessary stuff right within walking distance than we thought there'd be. Our biggest fear was that there would be noplace in the immediate area to go to, but as it happens, there's tons of stuff: there's a pharmacy, a couple of little markets, a ton of cafes, a French (well, Vietnamese) bakery, a hot dog joint, a gas station, a bunch of schools, and a ton of parks right within walking distance of where our place would be. There's two really good restaurants right up the street (Tom Yum and Tre Kroner); WTTW's studios are not far; there's a Dominick's that's a long walk or a short drive; and there's a post office and a library that are just blocks away, which is also huge. We'd also be very close to Lincoln Avenue (and Lincoln Village, where there's lots of shopping and a movie theatre) and to Swedish Covenant Hospital.

We don't have it for sure; technically, the new landlords would own our lease, so our landlady needs to make sure they'll let us move into the new place. But I'm hoping they won't be hardasses about it and we can snag the place. thaitea seems to like it as well, so we've got our fingers crossed -- it's gonna be a pain in the ass to move in less than a month, but I'm much, much less nervous than I was yesterday, now that I've seen the place and it's very cool.
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