Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator


So busy, so busy. So fucking goddamn bag-napping busy. So tired, from the busy. Whine, fatso, whine, you who have no responsibilities or duties, whine.


- Still no word on whether or not we're going to have to move. Which means (a) we aren't going to have to move and have gone through a huge amount of rigamarole for no reason; or (b) we are going to have to move, and we will have, oh, a week to do it in. Bah. I hate condo culture (or Kondokultur, as the Germans in my head call it) so very, very much.

- This past week: updated blog every day for benifit of six readers, updated secret blog for girlfriend so I don't sicken everyone with my endless mushiness about how much I like her every day, finished three freelance articles for two separate publications, did two restaurant reviews for two other publications, did lengthy edits of other peoples' stuff for yet another publication, finessed a short story I'm working on for a literary magazine. Also stared longingly at Word file containing my crappy novel and thought very hard about working on it. The fact that I didn't actually do so hardly seems sporting to mention. Still have to write concert review and get back to editor who wants to hire me to do a short fiction piece, but otherwise most of work for the time being is finished. I hope to slip into a nice long coma for about three weeks.

- Apartment desperately needs cleaning, but I have been unable to muster the fortitude to do so; it seems rather pointless to pretty everything up and put things away if I'm going to have to pack everything up in a week's time. Some might see this whole nebulous move as an excuse for me not to do housework, and I'm not saying they're wrong. I'm just saying they're mean.

- I need rest & relaxation this weekend. I won't get it. I still have to do laundry -- I'm at the point where I'm contemplating buying new boxers because I'm out of underwear -- and we could get the word today that we have to pack up and haul ass. But I would really like to fire up a little get-high, play the "X-Men Legends" game I bought a week ago and still haven't opened, and maybe get some Cities & Knights of Catan in over the weekend. I used to dream of selling my novels (or at least hitting the lottery) and retiring to the south of France; now I just dream of sleeping past 8AM and finding the time to get zooted.

- Happy birthday this week to, among other people, never_fear, cleotyne, and my pals James (back in the AZ) and Jim (here in Chic).
Tags: crankery, diary

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