Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Ay! Why-a No Updates?

Or, as a great Swiss philosopher once said, "What do am I do? And why do am I doing it?"

Well, I just been real busy is all. Work's been buckin' my ass, and sending me to all kinds of crazy seminars and training sessions in hopes of transforming me into less of an ingnoramus. I've been swamped with freelance work (which is nice when checks arrive in the mail, like they did yesterday, although they always are accompanied with bills that obviate their existence). I've been trying, though mostly failing, to carry on a normal semblance of a social life. I've been frantically cleaning my apartment (tonight: I face my old arch-enemy, Dr. Kitchen) in advance of a visit this weekend from my very excellent girlfriend, ninafarina. And since winter is starting to manifest here in Chic, I've been sleeping as much as possible, which isn't very much. Anyway, long story short, I haven't really had much to say to you pig ingrates lately other than to urge you to read my stupid website. Sorry about that! And how are YOU today?

Hey, has anyone noticed that ever since George "Keeping America Safe" Bush won the election, terrorism has completely disappeared? No one even gives a shit about Osama bin-Laden anymore, even though it's obvious he's sitting pretty; John Ashcroft has resigned and stated in his farewell letter that the objective of protecting Americans against terrorism has been acheived; Porter Goss has done absolutely nothing at his fancy new job, and terrorism-related convictions still stand at a whopping none; the domestic agenda seems to have switched to homos and birth control prevention; and, despite a major offensive in Iraq, a brace of new beheadings and kidnappings, and a videotaped message from the King of Terror, the color-coded alert level hasn't moved in forever. Why, it's almost as if terrorism wasn't a big deal to this administration after all, and they were just using it as a scare issue to win the election! Ha ha!

Here's a list. It is a list of cartoon gangsta rappers from my proposed animated children's series, The Compton Kidz.

1. Li'l' Hollowpoint
2. 187 McGillicuddy
3. Polly Wolly Set-Trip
4. "Blingy"
5. Jean-Francois Lyotard*

*: tentative, pending license agreement
Tags: diary, laffs, lists, politics, shauna

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