Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

How the Weekend Was

No whorin' today as the ol' Ludic Log has been neglected since Thursday; there'll be a whole raft of them this week, though, since I have a ton of writing to do. Instead, please enjoy this predictible and sappy weekend update.

FRIDAY: Picked up ninafarina, the best girlfriend in the world (no, I know what you think, but you're wrong. No, I know. I know, your girlfriend is great, but trust me. No. No, seriously. Shut up.), at the airport -- an uneventful trip to and from, despite the general iffiness of the ChickWagon these days. Headed back to my crib for some Bible study (Matthew, Deuteronomy). Gift exchange (for me: famous writer shot glasses; for her: CDs). Dinner (Leona's) and a movie (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), followed by more Bible study (Philemon). Much brainy conversation. Then I got to sleep in the same bed as my girl for the first time in too, too long.

SATURDAY: Bible study (Song of Songs). Breakfast at the Golden Apple. Off to Powell's to shop for books (a history of brewing in Chicago, an "avant-pop" anthology edited by Larry McCaffrey, Sandra Tsing Loh's Depth Takes a Holiday, Groucho Marx's autobiography, a Penguin edition of the plays of Aristophanes, the All Music Guide to country, and novels by Gayl Jones and Naguib Mahfouz). More scintillating convo and talking about a bright future. Back to my place for Bible study (Isaiah) and a nap. Watched Mr. Show, took shot glasses out for a spin. Dinner (Cousin's) with Claire and Steve, who were delightful company as always. Back home for Bible study (Genesis, Exodus) and sweet sleep.

SUNDAY: Bible study (the Gospels in review). Breakfast at the Lincoln. Drove around aimlessly seeing some Chicago sights and talking with my gal, who, I hate to say this because it seems like I'm rubbing it in, is smarter and funnier than yours. Back home for a final quick round of Bible study (Ecclesiastes), then, in the very definition of bittersweet, took ninafarina to the airport to hie her back to St. Paul and her waiting baby. Began counting the days until I see her again. Went to CostCo to buy a pie with thaitea. Came home, made CDs, wrote e-mail to the best girlfriend in the world so she'd have something to read when she got off the plane. Went to have drinks (La Donna) with thevulgartrade, who I haven't seen in a while, and doraphilia, who I'd never met and who was delightful and listened politely while I rambled. Home to bed: sleeping alone, but with very much to look forward to.

MONDAY: Wrote this entry. Was late for work as a result.
Tags: diary, drunk, shauna

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