Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Holly Day

Okay, so, brief missives from the long weekend:

1. Christ, I like not working. I know some people enjoy working just as a matter of course, but I tell you this right now: I try and do my job well, as far as it goes, but if tomorrow I found myself capable of never working again and still being able to pay my bills, you wouldn't see me under flourescent lights again for shit. Every day I don't gotta be there is a good day, and no mistake.

2. Have you ever noticed, in memoirs, that people almost never mention the amount of time they spent on the toilet with painful bowel problems? I'm not saying this is a problem that needs rectification. I'm just making an observation.

3. Speaking of unpleasant stomach eruptions, Thanksgiving dinner went off without a hitch, culinarily speaking. Aside from my having overcooked the tuna steaks so they were (to my palate) a bit tough, everything went off absolutely perfectly, a rarity for me. The pasta Catanese, potatoes Auvergnoine, and pissaladiere, in particular, were big successes. I'm especially proud of the last one, because I used homemade dough, and I usually really suck at baking, so I'm pleased it came out so well. I can't recommend enough for fans of simple French cooking the books of Patricia Wells, where I got 3/4 of my recipes this year.

4. Given the fact that I had four days with no obligations, I didn't spend a lot of time playing video games and getting high. I in fact did a huge amount of reading, a moderate amount of writing (verdict: not very productive, but what came out was of decent quality), and more than a bit of sleeping. Somehow I came away with a very sore back, but otherwise, I made much better use of my time off than I expected I would. It almost saddens me to say this, but I don't quite get the rush out of losing 8 hours to bleeding pixels that I used to. (And speaking of reading, in finishing off a pretty good collection of new experimental fiction -- termed rather distressingly by its editor "avant-pop" -- I ran across a writer named Lynne Tillman whose piece I really enjoyed. A cursory Google turned up that she has a couple of collections and a novel out, and is said to be adventurous and provocative. Anyone read her stuff? I'm very curious about her.)

5. And how was your holiday, if you had one?
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