Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

This comma that

1. It's snowing and 12 degrees in the Big Town, wind chill of six below. Mmmmmm, Christmassy! Thanks to the Weather Channel for the delightful jingle bell music to accompany the forecasts of ghastly weather. (Yes, I know, actually I am a total chump for snow around Christmas. Shut up.)

2. My gal, ninafarina, will be moving to Chicago in May, and we'll be making baby Jesus cry by shacking up together. Yes, we will be living in sin, and plenty of it, and what's more, we'll be exposing a young child to our Godforsaken lifestyle. So, the next few months are going to be crazy busy, and I have much to do. But am I looking forward to it? More than anything ever. I honesty cannot wait. Even though I see her again in three days -- I'll be up in St. Paul, her current doss, for the Christmas holiday -- it seems like forever. Next year is going to be the start of something good, and the continuation of something great.

3. Which brings me to the fact that my roommate and dear dear friend, thaitea, are going to be living in separate quarters for the first time in a lot of years. It's gonna be tough, but she's been my best friend since before I came to Chic, and I know she'll remain so. In the meantime, she's looking for a better job, and we're both scouting around for apartments, so if anyone has a line, do give one or the other of us a shout.

4. What I gotta do between now and Wednesday: get a haircut, buy a tree, clean house, do laundry, and pack for my trip. Anyone who's traveled over the holidays since 9/11/2001, any truth to the rumor that you can't have gift-wrapped packages in your suitcase on flights anymore? 'Cause if that's true, I just wasted a whole lot of time.

5. Things that made me feel really old this week: remembering the time when Rick Moranis was funny; realizing that Kim Gordon's daughter Coco is probably a teenager by now; having my knees explode like fireworks every time I tried to stand up. Things that made me feel young like a spry little scamp: winning two out of four games during our "Christmas on Catan" marathon at rum_holiday's place.

And you, babies? Tell me your Christmas plans, hopes and dreams. I command it.
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