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Frodo wept

So, in between slogging through page after page of the depressing, impenetrable but excellent novel "The Tunnel" by William Gaddis, I decided to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I figured, well, I only read them once, and that was in my junior year of high school (which was a really, really, really long time ago), and it might be fun to read them before the last installment of the movie trilogy comes out this Christmas. I'm about halfway through "The Two Towers" right now.

A few random observations:

- It's really surprising how well the novel reads, given that it breaks so many of the basic rules of writing: it's got far more description than dialogue; it often tells instead of shows; and it's ultra-heavy on exposition (in fact, the first book starts with about thirty pages of exposition, and you're NEVER supposed to start your book that way). He pulls it off, which is certainly a testament to his skill as a storyteller while standing as a rebuke to his skill as a stylist.

- I know -- I KNOW -- what a lame thing this is to point out, and the last thing I want to do is toss any kind of P.C. filter over the trilogy, but it's a little numbing how often the bad guys are referred to as "dark", "black", "dusky", "slant-eyed" or "swart". Especially when the good guys are simultaneously being referred to as "Whiteskins". OKAY WE GET IT ALREADY. I shouldn't find this so dismaying, but I do.

- I think they should have played up the Gimli/Galadriel relationship more in the movies. Because the "son of Gloin" quite obviously has a big hard-on for Galadriel, and what audience wouldn't like to see a filthy midget dry-humping Cate Blanchette? Am I right? Come on.
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