Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Ooh la la, my soul is dead

So, updates. To my LiveJournal and my website. There will be some! To the latter! One day! Along with a big announcement later this week, so watch for it, fanboys.

What else?

- I've been horribly busy and likely to remain so. I would feel worse about denying you the hilarious entertainment this journal provides if only it was ever entertaining.

- Adding to my guilt is the fact that I've gotten like 5000 hits on the Ludic Log since Wednesday, despite having provided no actual content for almost a week. A lot of the traffic comes from the estimable Pound, but a huge number also come from the Geek Index (the resting place for my Marvel Universe & DC Who's Who recaps), which apparently has gotten a lot of attention from somewhere, and which I increasingly think should be done as a publication or stand-alone site of its own, with new content and funnier jokes. Also, I got a ton of hits for "teeth plaque conspiracy Metallica", which means either xanthussaves' site has become really popular or they just re-aired that episode.

- Things are still stupid busy at my day job, but at least I'm not working weekends or late nights this week. People who say "I'd rather it be busy than slow at work, because having no work to do is boring" are fools who don't seem to realize that just because you don't have to do your boss' work doesn't mean you have to do nothing. The Man exists to be stuck to.

- The drive through Sconsin on the way to the Twin Cities -- whether you go west through Mad Town or north through Milwauk -- is a tour through a particularly unique nexus of American wierdness. North takes you through Voliva's Zion, past the University of Lawsonomy, and around the cannibal hunting grounds of lonely Damher; west takes you through the mutant geology of central WI, past the long-handed ghost of Ed Gein, and into the thrice-cursed horrors of Black River Falls.

- But, of course, at the end of it all is St. Paul City, and a girlfriend who you love. At least if you're me, there's that.
Tags: diary, shauna

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