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No, the Ludic Log still isn't back from its week-long hiatus, and it's still on cutback mode. I've been too insanely busy with work, personal stuff, and other writing projects to update. But:

- I didn't write this story (though it's a good one, and I wish I had); but I did take the photograph that accompanies it, which the discerning eyes of manningkrull and tamisevens might recognize.

- I recorded a little radio piece this week which will probably end up on Chicago public radio someday, and which has a slight chance of being syndicated to NPR. The details are murky, as the ways of radio are a mystery to me, but I will spill them as they become spillable.

- I've been brewing up a rough script for the first sneak-preview installment of a comic that calamityjon and I came up with. I think it'll be available for purchase sometime around June of 2049, but man, when it's done, it is going to fuck your face off with its greatness. It will be so good you will die, go to Heaven, and be elected mayor, is how good it will be.

And now, with that horribly vulgar piece of self-promotion behind me, I mention: this is Valentine's Day weekend, and my gal ninafarina is coming to town tomorrow. I have tried powerfully to resist becoming one of those shitheads who pisses off single people by raving about their partners over this sappy kissy-faced holiday, and I'm really truly sorry for doing this, all you people who are as depressed and irritated and hateful as I was the last ten Valentine's Days or so, but: she's great. It makes me stupid giddy to know I'll see her tomorrow. And every time I write something, I wish I was a better writer, so that I could write things for her that make her as happy as she makes me.

Sorry about that. Back to the semi-offensive trivium that makes this LiveJournal so useless.
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