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Robert Culpability

(I preface this comment by saying I don't really care about steroids in baseball. If people want gobs of home runs, they get steroids in baseball. If people want overblown clowns like Sammy Sosa, they get steroids in baseball. I like pitching. If it were up to me they would raise the mound another 3 inches, bring back the spitter, and make sure that there was about one home run every five games. I'd just as soon not have steroids in baseball, but I don't stay up late at night worrying about it, and I don't think you're some kind of evil monster for taking them. Hell, I even like the DH, is how big a dumbass I am.)

I think it says something absolutely delightful -- not about baseball, but about our whole PR-driven, ultra-litigious society -- that we are increasingly treated to spectacles like yesterday's super-controlled Jason Giambi press conference. Where, in case you didn't see it or read about it, the corked-up millionaire stood before a hand-picked group of reporters and emotionally apologized to his fans, his friends, his family, and his team, but for "legal reasons", declined to say what, exactly, he was apologizing for.

Now, again, I don't really care if Giambi juiced himself to the dickens and back. More power to him (literally), the big lug, and if I were a big-league pitcher, I wouldn't stick more than two, three at the most in his ear for it. I just think it's hilarious that these two warring motivations -- the publicity-driven need to be thought of as an honest, upstanding, decent guy who, darn it, is human and makes mistakes, but by gum, is man enough to stand up and admit when he's wrong and the litigation-driven need to not own up to having done anything illegal, immoral, or contractually forbidden unless forced to do so -- are put on such naked display. All you could really walk away with was the knowledge that Jason Giambi is very, very sorry, and very, very not allowed to say what he is sorry about. Of course, everyone knows what he's sorry about, but they can't say it either, lest they be sued for libel or slander.

The best thing about it is that it will further sully the reputation of that scumbag who owns the hated Yanquis, since it's abundantly clear that he knew way ahead of time that Giambi was pumped full of 'roids and signed him anyway, even going so far as to strike out the guaranteed language in his contract that referred to steroid use. Not that plenty of other teams wouldn't have done the same thing, but I'm happy it's Steinbrenner who got caught in the act instead of someone else, because I hate him so much. Hypocrite? Me? Quite often.
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