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Me, me, me

And now, more in the spirit of meaningless LJ trivia, here's a music meme, yanked from doraphilia. Fire up your iPod/iTunes and do it, punks.

How many total songs?

Sort by Song Title
First: "?", Method Man & Redman
Last: "Zvon! Pogrebal'ny Zvon! (from Boris Godunov)", Martti Tavela

Sort by Time
First: "All!", the Descendents (0:03)
Last: "Dopesmoker", Sleep (1:03:31)

Sort by Album
First: 0+2=1, nomeansno
Last: ZZ Top's Greatest Hits, ZZ Top

Top Ten Most Played Songs
1. "Acuff-Rose", Uncle Tupelo
2. "The Grunt, Parts 1 & 2", the JBs
3. "Strange Pair", Bells Of
4. "II B.S.", Charles Mingus
5. "The Big Bang", Aesop Rock
6. "Hungarian Love Song", the Jazz Butcher
7. "Thank You For Sending Me An Angel", Talking Heads
8. "And This is For...", Murs feat. 9th Edition
9. "Woods of Love", the Embarrassment
10. "Building Steam (with a Grain of Salt)", DJ Shadow

Find "sex," how many songs show up?

Find "death," how many songs show up?

Find "love," how many songs show up?
Tags: memes, music

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