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Yes, today is Feb. 16th. And of course, you all know what day that is. Yes, it's the day before you can get bomb-diggy free chicken at McDonald's, but it's also GODWIN'S LAW DAY!

Godwin's Law is the famous internet maxim that states that once the first Hitler/Nazi comparison is made, the argument, whatever it's about, is effectively over. But once a year, on February 16th, all the little boys and girls are allowed to violate Godwin's Law as often as they like, and get free ribbon candy!

For those recent immigrants celebrating this sacred holiday for the first time, here are some examples of how you might violate Godwin's Law throughout the course of the day.

1. "Time to go to work already? This is worse than being sent to the gas chambers at Sobibor!"

2. "This overpriced, watery coffee I got at White Hen is like Hitler!"

3. "If Bill makes me put together another one of those sales presentations, it'll be Krystallnacht all over again."

4. "Of course you want those blueprints by 11:00. So did Hitler!"

5. "Your plan to go to Subway for lunch instead of Wendy's is exactly now Nazi Germany got started."

6. "Sure, now you're just asking me to put in some overtime, but the next step? Death camps."

7. "Jenny, if you don't finish your homework by supper, you will be morally indistinguishable from Heinrich Himmler, and I will be forced to sentence you to death by hanging."

8. "Not since the horrors of the Eastern Front has there been pain, deprivation and suffering like I am experiencing at being told that there's not enough Chicken Marengo for me to have seconds."

9. "Did you see in the paper that the Knicks lost? Just like the German army lost when they decided to mount a winter offensive against Russia?"

10. "Well, you better GET in the mood, or you are ten billion times worse than Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini combined."

Happy Godwin's Law Day!
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