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Women, especially women who are feminists, especially women who are feminists and have children, especially women who are feminists and have children and are my girlfriend ninafarina, will not want to miss today's Bleat, a surefire bile-raiser where he responds to the Newsweek cover story about supermom syndrome by saying (among other, slightly more sensible things) that (a) hey, women, GET OVER IT, life is tough; (b) anyone who suggests that increased government aid to families, or even a recognition that child-raising is an important social responsibility that we do ourselves a disservice by ignoring, is a dirty French Euroweenie commie; (c) chicks are more prone to stress out over bullshit than dudes and why should we act like that's a big problem?; and (d) instead of crazy ideas like lowering the middle-income tax rate at the expense of rich people in order to alleviate the costs of child-raising, or encouraging tax subsidies that would allow business to adopt family-friendly policies, people should just raise their kids like HE does, which shouldn't be a problem because, I mean, every household has at least one stay-at-home parent, right?.

Rather than delve too deeply into that, though (after all, says Lileks, "I'm a guy, and probably have no standing here", before sneering at the whole notion of questioning gender roles and childrearing theories and saying that if his bleat is seen as anti-woman, well, "can't help that"). Instead, I'll stick to my specialty -- scoffing at Jimmy's dopey pop-cultural pronouncements:

"'Bullet Hits the Bone', Golden Earring", he writes, misidentifying the title of the classic rock staple. "Sorry, but I always liked that song; it’s like a little Miami Vice episode in one long tune." Astoundingly, he seems to mean this as a compliment.
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