Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

My grown-up date weekend

Friday: half-day, left early for breezy trip up to St. Paul to see my gal ninafarina.

Saturday: early trip to Mississippi River thwarted by god-awful cold weather. Lunch with one of ninafarina's friends and her daughter. ninafarina's daughter, Li'l' Duce, gets groggy and pukey, foreshadowing exciting culmination of grown-up date we had planned for later that night. Went home to discuss romantic plans for evening as Li'l' Duce got progressively more woozy and feverish; temperature peaked at approximately 157.4 degrees when it was decided that she should go to the emergency room. Grown-up date consisted of sitting in waiting room of triage unit at St. Paul Children's Hospital with girlfriend's mother while attempting to prevent Li'l' Duce from hijacking wheelchairs. While all elements of romantic night out were present -- big screen TV, low lighting, Muzak, and well-stocked vending machines, not to mention clinically sterilized beds --the pitching of woo was thwarted by constant interruptions along the lines of "I'll be right back with the strep culture." Went home and watched episodes of The Office; paid hospital violinist to play "Night and Day", but ninafarina was asleep by that point.

Sunday: confirming our status as hateful early-30s pseudo-yuppie scum, spent early part of day going to IKEA, an endeavour about which we were inappropriately giddy. Spent rest of day assembling new bed for Li'l' Duce and attempting to avoid normal home-repair routine of cursing very loudly throughout entire procedure. Kissed smart, kind, sexy girlfriend goodbye and drove back to Chic; attempted to compensate for frighteningly domestic weekend by listening to nothing but hardcore on iPod during return trip, but zero-visibility snowstorm throughout most of Wisconsin proved slightly unnerving in combination with steady diet of Scandinavian black metal. Began missing ninafarina before even crossing Minnesota state line.

Monday: went to post office to pick up books and music for freelance review assignments, and copies of Pindeldyboz for upcoming Printer's Ball show. Wrote this entry, worked ass off, missed girlfriend who, as noted, is awesome. Planned typically hectic week ahead, including two freelance pieces due, book to work on, trade show, reading and desperation levels of laundry. Contemplated entering high-stakes world of professional hermitry.

P.S. New icons will be up tonight.

P.P.S. My girlfriend rocks, and her Li'l' Duce rules.

P.P.P.S. This post-post-post-script sponsored by the Daily Show's America: The Book and the American Milk Solids Council.
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