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Really about brackets, this time

Okay, first of all, you should know, I don't like college sports. (And don't even get me STARTED on high school sports. If you are an adult who follows high school sports for any reason other than that your kid is on the team, you need therapy.) Also, my bracket was busted by the time the first game was over, so there may be an element of bitterness involved here.


Number of teams in this years NCAA tournament that are also among the 64 best schools in the country*: 17

Number of those that were eliminated in the first round: 7

Number that remain in the tournament: 5

Respective tournament seeds and overall academic rankings of those that remain: Illinois, seeded #1 and ranked #39; University of Washington, seeded #1 and ranked #48; University of North Carolina, seeded #1 and ranked #29; University of Wisconsin, seeded #6 and ranked #34; Duke University, seeded #1 and ranked #5.

Institutions ranked among the top 50 schools in America not noted for their athletic prowess: Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cal Tech, Columbia, Brown, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon, William and Mary, Tufts, Brandeis, , Renssellaer Polytechnic, Yeshiva.

Location of largest number of schools in the NCAA tournament: the South

Location of largest number of schools in the USN&WR best schools report: the Northeast

Rank and seed of best university to which I was accepted but did not attend: seeded #11, ranked #26

Rank and seed of university which I actually briefly attended: did not qualify for tournament; not assigned number ranking by report (categorized as "third-tier" university, meaning it ranks between #130-#260).

Conclusions that can be drawn from this: none.

*: according to the comprehensive and reliable US News & World Report's annual rankings of the nation's best schools.
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