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Tizzle bizzle

- With the recent deaths of the Pope, Frank Conroy, Andrea Dworkin, and Saul Bellow, this has been the Week of Dead People About Whom I Have Severely Mixed Feelings.

- Britney Spears is pregnant! The world rejoices! She's a Uterus Achiever! Good luck training your replacement, Brit.

- There's been a lot of American pundit types rushing to bitch out Japan for their short memories about all that unlikable stuff they did during WWII -- you know, raping Nanking, leading a death march to Bataan, all that stuff. And that's just as it should be; I'm firmly with Chirs Hedges that the cathartic purposes served by an open dialogue about the sins of the past. We just might wanna keep in mind that our own committment to freedom and democracy hasn't always been universal. Like for instance it hasn't always included Filipinos. Or black people. Or, you know. Those other people. The ones who, well, kinda almost all disappeared after a while. What were they called again? I seem to remember reading that we massacred them by the hundreds of thousands, but it wasn't in any of my history books in high school.

- I've been watching Volume 2 of the SCTV collection, recently released on DVD. The 90-minute format was a bad move -- it made for too much filler and too many sketches that went on too long -- but when they were on their marks, and they were on their marks a lot, they were untouchable. In the "Perry Como: Still Alive!" sketch, Eugene Levy (is it possible he was actually young once?) gives an incredible comic performance without even moving or saying anything; John Candy's Johnny LaRue is a masterpiece of alternating bullying and toadying, never better expressed than in the hilarious Christmas episode of "Street Beef"; and even sketches where they transparently rip off Python (like the amazing "Vikings and Beekeepers") prove that if anyone can get away with ripping off Python, it's these guys. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get Volume 3 (the final set) for a while, since they're almost prohibitively expensive, but man, it's good to know that my memory doesn't betray me about how great this show was.

- Lileks update: Jimmy has pretty much routinely broken his promise not to blog, or indeed to blog about politics. The real shiner from this week, though, is where Lileks -- a man who fetishizes the Star Wars movies like no one this side of George Lucas; a man who pops one when he thinks about the era in which men wore fedoras to pick up their mail; a man who is so enthusiastic about going to the mall to buy new widgets for his computer that you can almost smell his geek-spunk -- mocks a guy who collects Transformers.
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