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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

And now, back to being a total geek

Last week, I was rereading "The Watchmen". Why? Because I chanced to read Sam Hamm's unproduced screenplay of same, and it was so completely godawful that I had to scrub the residue of it out of my brain by going to the source.

It's still pretty clearly the best superhero comic ever, but I noticed that some of the text-pieces that ended each issue didn't seem to have aged well, and one thing that particularly stood out was the crypto-'Rolling Stone' interview with Adrian Viedt. The thing that really bugged me is where he talked about liking electronic music and dub. I mean, sure, obviously that's just what Alan Moore was listening to at the time, and sure, every writer makes at least one character a mouthpiece for their current cultural obsessions on occasion. I myself stick a Jandek gag on the VERY FIRST PAGE of the comic I'm working on right now. I would be ashamed of this if the comic ever had a chance in hell of being published, but luckily, it doesn't. But his lines are something like "that's really super-heroey music to listen to, isn't it?" Er, no. I mean, farbeit from me to gainsay * ALAN MOORE *, but I just don't think superheroes are listening to a lot of Robert Fripp and Lee Perry.

Anyway, because I'm easily amused and get gopped up a lot, this got me to thinking: what DO superheroes listen to? What's in the CD changer in the trunk of Bruce Wayne's Lambourghini? What does Peter Parker listen to when he's at home? What's in heavy rotation in the Diana Prince household? What does Bruce Banner listen to, and what does the Hulk listen to?

Your answers are hereby solicited: what's on the Justice League playlist? What do the Avengers tell Jarvis to "crank"?
Tags: comics, geek, music

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