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So I assume you've all seen the Time Magazine list of the 100 greatest films of all time, compiled by Mssrs. Schickel and Corliss. Shocking, to say the least. Controversial, to say the least. Rife for discission, to say the least. Among them:

Acquire: The Wrath of Khaaaaaan!
The Apu Trilogy (Panther Patchouli; Microwave Burrito
; and The World of the Kwik-E-Mart)
Baby, 'Faced
Berlin: Alexander Plotzed
The Bride of Franken, Al
Bury Lyndon
Camille Bournes
Citizen Khaaaaan!
City of Gosh
Closely Washed Brains
The Crimes of Madame Jessica Lange
The Dickalogue
The Discreet Stench of the Burger Joint
Drunken Masturbator II
Good Ol' Fellers
Farewell, My Khaaaan!cubine
His Girl Friday Through Sunday
It's a Gift, But Can I Get Cash Instead of Store Credit?
It's a Wonderful Knife
Kind Hearts with Coronary Bypasses
Lavrents of Moravia
The Lord of Those Things Trilogy (The Fellowship of Those Things; No, Not the Two Things, Those Other Two Things;
and Return of the Things, Come On, Seriously, You Know What I'm Talking About! The, the THINGS!)
Manchu Ryan, Candid Date
Mon domestique d'Mozambique
No Shit, Sherlock Jr.
The Purple Prose of Konigsberg
Schindler's List of Liberal Activist Judges Who Let His Daughter Be Murdered
Singin' Through My Pain
The Smart, the Dumb, and the Film Critic
Smells of a Summer Afternoon
A Streetcar Named B-31 Express
The Waffle's Tooth
Wangs of Desire
Yo, Jimbo!
Zero the Gay Blade Runner
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