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Leks Luthor

Jimmy Lileks, apparently sensing that at least half of his audience is being brought to the edge of vom by his endless right-wing yapping, has given such yapping its own special blog. (He's very self-deprecating about his reactionary jibber-jabber, but it's hard to tell from the tone whether it's fuck-me or fuck-you self-deprecation.) Anyway, now the Bleat will be pure and unsullied by any hint of politics, except, for example, today, when he spends several paragraphs mocking a liberal hippie pizza joint in Minneapolis and once again reminding us that sci-fi in the 1970s was depressing and crappy.

His very first self-contained Screed is about the alleged desecration of the Q'uran by soldiers at Guantanamo Bay: what's the big deal, anyway? So some guy peed on a prisoner and some got on the Q'uran. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! So some guy stomped and kicked the Q'uran. SO WHAT? So some guy might have written "Fuck Allah" in the Q'uran. HEY MAYBE THE PRISONER DID IT HIMSELF! The point is, how come "if Al Qaeda blew up a Bible depository in Malaysia tomorrow, it would be page A-16", but "when we’re found guilty of wind-assisted desecration, it’s A-1"?

Well, Jim, I don't know what's so hard to understand about this, because you keep saying it every fucking day: it's because we're supposed to be the good guys. It's not as newsworthy when terrorists commit acts of terror, because they're terrorists. That's what they do. We, on the other hand, are not terrorists, and thus aren't supposed to, say, torture and humiliate prisoners. Why is it headline news when we do bad things but not quite as big headline news when they do bad things? For the same reason it's less shocking when a burglar robs your house than it is if your mother robs your house.

He also plays cute when talking about the detainees at Gitmo: "the terrorist. (Sorry, detainee.)"..." the terro (SORRY!) detainee"..."the terrori – sorry, the detainees". Ha ha ha! That's so funny, because we all know they're really terrorists and not detainees, even though none of them have ever been charged with a crime, brought to trial, convicted, or even brushed up against any aspect of the court system and in fact are kept in a prison not located on American soil (located, indeed, in the communist dictatorship of Cuba, which might strike some people as ironic if they were into that kind of thing) for the specific purpose of being exempt from legal protection and who have been the subject of much definitional game-playing by the U.S. government in order to prevent them from having the legal status that would provide them with the right to any kind of a trial and many of whom have now been detained for over four years without any hope of being tried, released or even fairly convicted and transferred to an actual prison, ever. And those crazy nuts at Amnesty International call it a GULAG! That's ridiculous. At least before they send you to a gulag, you get a show trial.
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