Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Not so swamped, though...

...that I can't make another completely pointless, unreadable post.

- Last night, thaitea came up with a really neat idea, and I said I was going to post it on my LJ and see what people thought of it. Can I now remember what it was? Of course not.

- Also last night, I did a bit of revision to the script for issue #0 of The Stand-Ins, as well as a tiny couple of pages of issue #1. (I also did some Dargerverse background materials, to keep my geek muscles toned.) Hopefully I can distress calamityjon with this stuff some time next week. (Slightly distressed Calamity Jon is on sale! Stock up and save!)

- Also also last night, I read the IMDB message boards about Apocalypse Now. This exchange summarized my own complex feelings about the film:

"jmlji93": This is ABSOLUTELY THE MOST AWFUL VIETNAM MOVIE!! Watch a Vietnam film that actually shows AMERICA WINNING AT LEAST. The Vietnam film to watch is..."THE GREEN BERETS" (1968) with John Wayne!!

"maitrautsav": ok seriously are the most ignorant and stupid person ever.....your stupidity is vast call apocalypse now a bad film....IN CAPITAL are so wack probably did'nt appreciate it cuz it was so is truly the best war film you and stay stupid...makes you look and seem like a git.

- The only thing said to me directly by the 90-year-old man (dressed in stylish navy blue blazer, driving cap and poofy cravat!) with whom I shared the shuttle van ride from Minneapolis to Eau Claire: "I'm 90 years old!" Says it all, really.

- I'm having a patio sale probably soon, and I want to give some of you nerds first crack at swag. There's gonna be lots of videotapes (remember them?), some of geek interest; some toys; a few comics (albeit shitty ones); craploads of CDs; and some books. Anyone interested, drop a comment and I'll make a special filter. Also, is the July 4th holiday weekend a GREAT time to have a sale, or a STUPID time? Sound off.

Yes, this is my worst posting day ever. I'm very sorry.
Tags: diary, junk

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