Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Some weekend!

1. Li'l' Duce is two. I say this without malice: just, she's two. Which means that she's now capable of even more intense depths of sweetness (for instance, when she demanded a hug from her car seat and then made a heartbreaking 'disappointed' face when I told her I couldn't give her a hug until we stopped; or when she starts using her brand new, half-whispered 'indoor voice'), and even more intense depths of crankiness. Yesterday, on our way back from her grandparents', she went from actually bypassing her mom in order to cuddle up with me to demanding I leave her presence while in a moving car ("LEONARD GO! LEONARD GO!") to being completely unconcious in the space of about five minutes. She's still the cutest kid ever, of course. Just...two.

2. My amazing girlfriend ninafarina, on the other hand, is not two, which is good, because otherwise I'd be in severe legal trouble. She has moved into her new apartment, which is very lovely, and we spent a good chunk of the weekend doing housework and being productive and indulging in Target/IKEA behaviors. We were outsmarted temporarily by a set of curtain rods, but eventually we exerted our human intelligence and managed to best them, at least for the time being.

3. Still, it wasn't all electric drills and ironing boards. Shauna's parents kindly agreed to take possession of Li'l' Duce on Saturday night so I could take my girl on a real live date, and a sweet little date it was: we had a surprisingly terrific dinner at he Twin Cities Grill, followed by an evening of local bands (most of which were pretty good) at a nifty St. Paul joint called the Turf Club. It was a CD release party for a bunch of local acts, including Twin Cities semistars the Olympic Hopefuls (who have probably now been compared to Weezer at least one billion times, not counting this one) and an extremely rockin' four-piece with a wide-ass Neil Young streak called the Tin Horns. Drinking, dancing, pinball, and just generally enjoying the company of the best gal in the world was the order of the evening.

4. The Twin Cities Grill, by the way, is in the Mall of America. So I have now officially been in the Mall of America. In case you were wondering, it's a big mall. A very, very, very big mall. With stores. It kind of freaked me out, as malls usually do especially when they're the size of the Empire State Building, but people seemed to be having a good time there, as people usually do when you offer them the possibility of shopping at "The Container Store for Toddlers" or whatever the fuck it was. Also, there is a gas station there. Inside the mall. No, I'm not kidding.

5. I continue to be plagued by extremely bizarre mishaps, having crushed my glasses into modern sculpture while at the grocery store on Friday night. Sometimes it's a mixed blessing, being strong like Hulk.

And now, I get to go back to work, speaking of mixed blessings. Boooo having been laid off for a week and having, no doubt, a shitload of stuff waiting for me to do; yay getting paid again. Tonight: we go look at new apartments.
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