Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator


Hey! Do you have nothing to do on Sunday? Are you easily amused? Are you willing to travel all the way the hell to the suburbs to hear people read poems about how their forefathers used to have to eat rope? Well, then, the Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival is for you!

Yes, your fateful correspondent has somehow finagled the city of Evanston into cutting him a big check to read frivolous and offensive stories in the direly named "Spoken Word Tent" at the 20th Annual (!) Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival this Sunday. It's in Evanston's Dawes Park on the lakeshore, at Sheridan Road and Church Street. Google it for driving directions, public transit, and all that, but know this: it runs from noon to 7PM Saturday and Sunday, it features good food and great music, and it's free, free, FREE!

As for the whoring part, as I say, I have somehow connived to sucker the good taxpaying citizens of this Chicago suburb out of some cold cash to stand in this "Spoken Word Tent" and speak some words. If you want to hear them, I pity you, but you can do so by showing up on Sunday the 17th between 2PM and 2:30PM and opening your ears. I'll be the one right in between the "participatory Jewish storyteller" and the "Peruvian/Mexican travel poet".

Come see me ply my desperate white-boy trade by telling whimsical jokes in between sincere, heartfelt ethnic folkways! Come hear my made-up stories go over like an adamantium hang-glider! Come check out the writer an anonymous e-mailer this weekend described as a "low life piece of shit" whose "time well come in hell one day"!

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