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This machine kills interest

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: a full day of cranky, infuriating political bullshit from your jolly old pal Leonard! Please feel free to read "Love Is" comics until tomorrow rather than subject yourself to all this.

First, we cast our nets out and about the ocean of horseshit and see what we can trawl back.

First off: Suicide bombing kills ten in Israel. This will come as a big surprise to anyone who hasn't been paying attention, and will no doubt receive the obligatory round of condemnation from the people who feel it's their moral duty to condemn terrorism but not to condemn murderous oppression. This is the first terror attack in Israel in two months, says the article in the acceptable language of the day, which does not consider the murder of civilians by the government to be terrorism. In fact, in that same period of time, 49 Palestinians -- many of them civilians and some of them children -- have been killed by Israeli occupation forces -- but we reserve the word 'terrorism' for the stateless.

Here's what Abdel-Aziz Rantisi, a Hamas spokesman, had to say:

"We will not stop our resistance. We are not going to give up in the face of the daily killing."

He means the daily killing of Palestinians, of course. Which sounds like sky-high rhetoric until you look at the numbers: in fact, over the last few years of the current intifada, it comes out to around one Palestinian killed a day. This number will certainly increase now that Israel has elected a new right-wing government, who thinks the way to deal with terrorism sparked by the rage of an oppressed people is to oppress them even more.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and Israel are demanding that Yassir Arafat appoint a new Prime Minister. (Well you might ask, where does the U.S. get off demanding that Arafat do anything? The answer: shut up.) And it's probably going to happen. Oddly enough, Palestinians are demanding a state of their own, the return of refugees, the release of their relatives from prison camps, reparations for the Sabra and Shatilah massacres, the right to vote, the ability to educate their children and travel freely, an end to state-sponsored assassination, basic human rights, and the freedom to be tried in civil courts, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.
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