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Alan Hale, father of "Skipper", was born Rufus McKahan. He specialized in playing chummy lugs with colorful nicknames: Lucky Travers, Duke Moreno, Bushy Sloan, Click Dade, Ox Smith, Big Mike Wynn, Moose Swenson, Skipper Martin, Jumbo Wells, Tiny Murphy, Boats O'Hara, Cookie Wainwright, Old Man Grimes, Singapore Jack, Slim, and Flash.

Youngish Brit Rufus Sewell, on the other hand, specializes in the fey and semi-classy, and has played distinctively John-Bullish characters like Will Ladislaw, Robbie "Bosie" Fay, Seth Starkadder, Giles Winterbourne, and Fortinbras. (Okay, Fortinbras is Danish or Swedish or something. Still.)

Germany's Rufus Beck, best known for his role as Inspector Rolle and as the father of Jonathan Beck, has given his face to such names as Kater Maribor, Udo Retzlaff, Zauberer Gorm, Guido Sprüngli, Waldemar "Waldi" Schmitz, Paul Paul, Dr. Carlo van Rees, Ralf Hagedorn and the amazing Petrosilius Zwackelmann.

Rufus Cruikshank appeared in a handful of films in the 1950s, mostly playing sergeants and occasionally someone with a comical or obscene name like Little John, Dickon, or Angus McDingle. He combined his two specialities in 1955's You Lucky People, playing Sgt. Major Thickpenny.

South Africa's Rufus Swart appeared as Ryan Usher, Paul Cricks, Longdrop Botha and a cyborg before dying in a car crash in Hawaii in 1994.

Former Seattle Seahawk Rufus Crawford has appeared as a coach or a policeman in a variety of crappy movies, including Deacons for Defense, Angels in the Infield, The Red Sneakers, and Who Killed Atlanta's Children?. His crowning moment was in the first Left Behind movie, starring as "Security Guard #1".

Rufus Dorsey has starred in seven movies as a black guy who dies.

No other actor named Rufus has ever appeared in more than five roles in the history of cinema.
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