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Hey, it's another article I wrote for Metromix! Tying in local restaurants and bars to the release of The Dukes of Hazzard movie! And it's been severely edited to ramp up the number of trite hillbilly cliches and completely excise all the cool historical background about the history of country music and southern culture in Chicago I painstakingly researched so it wouldn't be quite so lame!

Sometimes I think this whole entertainment writing thing isn't for me. Then I get the fat paychecks from the Tribune Company and think, well, then again...

Also, if I didn't mention it already, here's the beer-road-trip article I wrote for the latest UR. I "researched" it in the guise of driving to Minnesota a million times to visit my brilliant and beautiful girlfriend and her awesome kid, and buying lots of beer. Also, I met my editor at UR finally and she was gracious and kind. Although the staff at Park Place look at me like I'm a homeless food delivery guy.

Finally, Chicagoans, come see me, meet me, hear me read things that aren't bowdlerized, hackneyed entertainment features, at the next Funny Ha Ha. It's always a blast, and I'll be reading alongside amazing folks like Claire "Klar" Zulkey, John "John" Green, and WBEZ sketch comedy dingbats Schadenfreude, who once gave me five dollars. It's next Wednesday at 8PM at the Hideout (which, if you're not going there on a regular basis, you's crazy), and show up early, because (a) the last two shows sold out and (b) I'll be the second reader, and if you miss me, I'll pound you like veal.
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