Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Speaking of WizardWorld... is the day that DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories comes out. It's the first and one of the best of a whole line of prestige-format reprints of DC classics, including these forthcoming titles:

Superman's Jackoff Pal, Jimmy Olsen
Great Moments in Fishnets
(featuring Black Canary & Zatanna)
That Douchebag Jimmy Olsen Again
DC's Finest Fill-In Issues
(and the companion piece, DC's Finest Missed Deadlines)
Fuck You, Jimmy Olsen
Oddly Sadomasochistic Wonder Woman Stories
Sorry, Jimmy Olsen, You're On Your Own This Time
Superboy & Young Lex Luthor: Stop Touching Me
Goddamn It, Jimmy Olsen
Inside Green Arrow's Medicine Cabinet
Jimmy Olsen's Greatest Fuckups
Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson: When Beefy Met Meaty
Jimmy Olsen Stories We Wish Were Imaginary But Which, Sadly, Actually Existed
Flash's Rogues Gallery in 3D: Agggh, My Eyes
Jimmy Olsen-Pete Ross Smackdown!
The Jutting Elbows of Carmine Infantino
Darkseid Shoves a Barbed-Wire Corncob Up Jimmy Olsen's Ass
The Silver Age Wigs of Supergirl
Shut Up Already, Jimmy Olsen
Space This, Space That, Space the Other Thing: The World of Julius Schwartz
Superman's Favorite Transvestite, Jimmy Olsen*
Flash, Ah-Ah, He'll Save Every One of Us
Mary Kate, Ashley & Jimmy Olsen
Superboy & Young Lex Luthor II: Why Are You Heat-Visioning Yourself? Why Are You Heat-Visioning Yourself?
Bizarro Jimmy Olsen: Men Behaving Sensibly

I'm really looking forward to these!

*: Note that it would be staggeringly easy to compile just such a selection. Given Jimmy's prediliction for dressing up like a pretty lay-tee, it would probably run to about 500 pages.
Tags: comics, laffs

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