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The IMDB Message Board Dialogues

SOCRATES: Come, then, Melitus, tell me, do you not consider it of the greatest importance that the youth should be made as virtuous as possible?

MELITUS: If you make decent money, have you ever thought of using your position as a U.S./Canadian/European citizen to get a girl who would really love you and would be interested in the same things as you -- computer games, staying in, having a permanent relationship filled will trust and loyalty? A lot of East Asian women nowadays are very computer literate and totally love Western men (it doesn't matter if you are white or Asian or whatever yourself!).

SOCRATES: Well, now, tell the judges who it is that makes them better, for it is evident that you know, since it concerns you so much; for, having detected me in corrupting them, as you say, you have cited me here, and accused me: come, then, say, and inform the judges who it is that makes them better. Do you see, Melitus, that you are silent, and have nothing to say? But does it not appear to you to be disgraceful, and a sufficient proof of what I say, that you never took any concern about the matter? But tell me, friend, who makes them better?

MELITUS: I am white but have a lot of blacks friends. I am around them all the time and they use the word a lot even to refer to me. I will amdit a few times i almost said it on accident but caught myself. hey have told me its ok but i still just for personal reasons dont say thee word. I think the way Mark Whalberg said it was just said at an apporpriate time where not to many people even noticed. None of my friends who were there were offended and he wasnt using it to put someone down he was tryin to help a guy realize he was bein treated like a slave. Soemthin bout the way mark whalberg said it didnt bother me or anyone else while i was there. As far as him growin up ina bad area and havin 2 blacks brothers than i think its ok as long as the brothers were cool with it. It just depends on the situation

SOCRATES: I do not ask this, most excellent sir, but what man, who surely must first know this very thing, the laws?

MELITUS: I'm not an asian, I'm a white guy. I must say here that the asian comment was actually a compliment. Asians don't often date outside their race (it happens), but because it is so rare-that's why a white guy would treasure an asian woman. I've dated white, black, and asian women. The non white families often gave me disapproving looks and treated me as if I was stalking a prize that would be abandoned once the treasure was conquered. If only they had known that it was the woman-in all cases, who was the sexual aggressor. I haven't read the article in question, but it's hooey about being undesireable if you are a black woman. There are black women I ignore, but it's because they weigh over 400 pounds, dress poorly (wear house slippers in the supermarket), and have worse manners than some barnyard animals. There are other black women who obviously take care of themselves, obtain some manners, and dress as if they have pride in themselves.

SOCRATES: How say you, Melitus? Are these able to instruct the youth, and make them better?

MELITUS: having read the book...her nude scene prob wont be sexy...either dead or breastfeeding, i'm afraid...

SOCRATES: Whether all, or some of them, and others not?

MELITUS: Whatta effin Faggggg...Ashlee Simpson is so effin gay.... why doesn't try and get her own life and not try and follow Jessica.... god she is so gay i hate her.

SOCRATES: You say well, by Juno! and have found a great abundance of those that confer benefit. But what further? Can these hearers make them better, or not?

MELITUS: 6 million Jews and 6 million Blacks, gays, mentally retarded etc did not die in WW2. Modern scholarship shows the number of Jews who died to be nearer to 3 million and very few blacks died in WW2 outside of American soldiers. However, you show that you have been well indoctrinated. Killing Hitler would have had no noticable effect on WW2 as it was the conditions in Germany and the world that created WW2. No one person had any real effect. Remember, their are always consquences to actions and responsibility does not leave a people even if they are powerful. I would go back in time to convince myself to start fencing sooner so i could make it to the olympics.
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